Fees and Charges 2018-2019

(Applicable from 1st September 2018)

All School charges are payable in advance by the first day of term, unless there is an active and sustained monthly payment agreement - any monthly payments should begin on the 1st August 2018

Absence through illness: Tuition Charges are not refunded in the event of absence through illness.

Notice to withdraw a pupil: One term's notice is required in writing to the Admissions Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  that a pupil is to be withdrawn. Where inadequate notice is given 100% of the following term's Tuition Charges will be charged.

Application & Registration Fees:  Registration Fee (non-refundable)      £250 per family

Payment Methods and Bank Details:  Download as PDF or as MS Word document



Tuition Charges:


Annual Tuition Charge

Monthly equivalent   (payable by Standing Order)

Autumn, Spring & Summer Term        Per Annum


3 days     £

4 days     £

5 days     £







Class I




Class II


£ 587


Class III




Class IV




Classes  V – VI




Class VII




Classes VIII – XII


£ 819


*Journey Discount & Bennell Nokes applies to Class XI & XII


Bursaries & Scholarships

Wynstones School is proud to support students and offers both generous fee assistance and journey (loyalty) bursaries and also a Sixth Form merit-based Scholarship offering.  Please see the Scholarships & Bursaries page for more information and how to apply.  T&Cs apply.

Family reductions on Tuition Charges

There is a 15% reduction for the second child; 20% for a third child and 25% for subsequent children.  T&Cs apply.

Kindergarten Funding for 3 and 4 year olds

Children of 3 and 4 years old may be eligible to receive Nursery funding from the Local Education Authority. Information will be provided on application.

3pm Club

This club remains free of charge.

Afternoon Activities charges:

Kindergarten afternoon care £10.50 per session

Class I to IV afternoon activities £7.00 per session

Rechargeable 'Extras' invoiced in addition to Tuition Fees

Annual class trips (budgets to be discussed and agreed each autumn term with each Class teacher)

Theatre Trips

Subject Trips

Breakages (other than fair wear and tear)

School photographs

Exam Fees

Afternoon Activities

After School Clubs (after 4pm - booking form required termly)

Educational / Behavioural Assessments (as agreed between SENDco & Parents)

Transport Fees (currently only Bristol families)

Please note that extra invoices are due for payment within 7 days of issue of invoice.


Extra Tuition & Special Education Needs

The fees above include all extra tuition and learning support sessions with our staff.  We recognize that many children will need extra support / encouragement from time to time throughout their time at school.  


Overdue Accounts:

Wynstones reserves the right to refer unpaid fee / extras debt to an external agency.  Debts are reviewed termly by the Finance Committee.  In exceptionall circumstances it may be necessary  to discontinue individual students schooling at Wynstones.  In these circumstances families are given two months notice in writing.  Please also note that additional charges will apply if an external agencies are engaged.


Overdue Invoice Interest:

This will be charged on late payment of both Tuition and Extras Charges at the equivalent of 3% over bank rate per annum.


A review is currently underway. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01452 429220

School Activities:

Pupil transport to our Christmas and Summer Concerts at Gloucester Cathedral are included in the tuition fees above.  

Annual Eurythmy Performance:

The cost of this annual performance is incuded in the tuition fees above.

Materials used in class (including specialist subjects):

materials previously recharged as extras are now included in the tuition fees above.

Charge for unpaid cheque:

All unpaid cheques will incur a £25 charge.


Accommodation is with school families, coordinated through the school by the Boarding Administrator, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information

Refundable Deposit from overseas based family: £250

Boarding Fees, for Classes VIII and above are payable in advance:

Autumn term: £3,090 (under review)

Spring term: £2,580 (under review)

Summer term: £2,490 (under review)

Based on a 36 week academic year and students returnng home for holidays (extra nights can be agreed on application).  Transport is now included in the above charges.

Payment can be made via direct transfer through any commercial bank. Download the school's bank details as PDF or MS Word document